How Does It Work

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The Frequency Therapy is a perfect combination of natural plant nutrition series and three resonating wave technology by the Frequency Clearance Device, it is completely aid in systolic body muscle and developed peripheral blood circulation system which able to extended human healthy lifetime!
The Theory behind Frequency Clearance Device

The theory behind this device is based on the therapeutic effect of electrical streamlines produced by the electrical frequency. This device is automatically controlled by the computer. Made by using the state of the art semiconductor, the waveform produced will automatically detect and measure the facial contour and the thickness of the muscle. It is safe and stable. The fluctuation of the electrical waves stimulates the skin to regenerates and realigned, thus achieving skin toning effect.

This technique compliments the healthcare product as the influx of ions result in both part of the system working synergistically. It could move the sub-dermal molecules of the skin while removing some of the toxins onto the surface while improving blood circulation. The whole procedure can activates cellular vitality and regeneration.
Pioneer State of the Art Technology Recognition and European Conformity Recognition
Frequency Clearance Device is recognized by the CE or European Conformity. By using latest German Technology, we created this phenomenal low frequency wonder of anti-ageing in Taiwan. This device produces three resonating wave at a frequency between 16.6 Hz to 50 Hz and delivers electrical streamlines at a voltage of 4.5V. This low frequency wave penetrates deep down into the muscle of the human body with no adverse effect. The thorough muscular contraction produced a direct positive effect to the peripheral blood circulation, which pushes the standard of human health to a whole new height.

What is the benefit from the contraction of the muscles?
Benefit to the bodily function includes:
  1. Improve blood circulation
  2. Protect the joints and shield them from shock
  3. Helps the body in heat production
  4. Increase the density of the bone while preventing osteoporosis
  5. Weight management

Benefit to the appearance:
  1. Maintain proper posture and contour
  2. Improve athletic performance
  3. Improve emergency response
  4. Weight Management

Waveform – The secret in Improving the age of the skin
It can tune the internal layers of the skin, tighten the muscles while augmenting the fine lines, resulting in a tightening effect.
  1. Suitable for any types of skin, removes excess sebum and dirt
  2. Improve the absorption of skin care product in the skin
  3. Aiding the skin by providing passive movement, strengthening the muscle layer.
  4. Penetrate deep down into the dermis while aiding the cell in its respiration and regeneration.
  5. Invigorates Cellular Vitality