About Us

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About Us
Cedar Wellness is Malaysia’s upcoming leading beauty care provider of top quality range of skincare and healthcare products, famous with Frequency Therapy perfect combination between Natural Plant Nutrition Series and Three Resonating Wave Technology, completely aid in systolic body muscle and developed Peripheral Blood Circulation System which able to extend human healthy lifetime!

To date, we have developed more than20 years experience in consulting thousands of beauty salon in whole nationwide by supplying effective end-to-end Integrated Marketing Strategy.

Thus, Cedar Wellness 
also created The Innovation Of MEA Rewards System whereby successfully breakthrough from the traditional restriction in beauty care industry. Provide you the ultimate business opportunity that's simplest, easiest, no stressful to enjoy healthy lifestyle.
A Family-Owned Business
Cedar Wellness is a newly family-owned business founded by both sisters Ms Yvonne Low and Co Founder Ms Eva Low, together with the involvement from other family members as well. These closed up relationship develop from personal family relationship extend into business partnership whereby both founders have the similar great Vision to transform people life through beauty and health care industry.

Reform the conventional business operation into new era business module has been created under the new business system namely “MEA Rewards System”.This revolution with this new system able to breakthrough from the bondage in traditional business operation in such reduce on high monthly commitment overhead, no personal freedom and lack of manpower and so on.

We have the confident that our MEA Rewards System able to solve your current issue and provide a business solution platform that meet your requirement.
Our Mission
By applying MEA Rewards System, our agents are able to transform & breakthrough from the bondage in traditional convention business operation.

In 2016, we target to enroll 30 pax of Master Ownership, 150 pax of Executive Ownership and 5,000 pax of Agent Ownership.

Our Vision
Our slogan is “Making Everyone Alive”.

Cedar Wellness are moving towards and aiming to become an International Market Leader Local Malaysia Company with the mindset of “Start Local & Go Global’!

We wish all our agents able to transform life through achieving Personal Freedom & Financial Independent.