Plant Placenta Cream (30ml / 1oz)

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Product Features: Plant placenta is recognized as an alternative human or animal placenta extract; plant placenta has the same effect on increasing cell regeneration, it can effectively stimulate cell regeneration, improve the oxygen supply of cells, increase protein synthesis in the skin, keeping skin youthful and giving radiant skin!

The main ingredient of Plant Placenta Cream comes from soy placenta. It contains flavones and phytoestrogen that aid in the regeneration of collagen while stimulating the adrenal cortex that strengthen cellular membranes. This is the best source of anti aging hormones you can get. Besides, the collagen in the placenta extract, together with hormones and amino acids work synergistically in restoring the youthfulness of the skin.

The Benefits of Plant Placenta Cream
  1. Reduce wrinkles and reserve aging effect of the skin.
  2. Revitalizes dry and dull skin, resulting in a glowing and firm complexion.

Key Ingredients: Soy Placenta : - Soy is the number 1 source of isoflavones and may provide protection against ovarian cancer, multiple myeloma, and breast cancer – starting in childhood as well as prolonging breast cancer survival. Soy food intake also helps inhibit the enzyme TOR, which may increase cancer risk. Soy consumption may also be good for lung health as it may reduce allergy risk, prevent and improve asthma symptoms, and protect against COPD. Soy may also prevent and improve osteoarthritis symptoms, protect against skin wrinkles, and has been associated with lower risk of depression.

Others Ingredients: Seaweed, Vitamin E, Collagen, Olive Oil.

How To Use
Apply two to three pumps of cream into your palms. Dot your face and smoothen with gentle outward strokes. Apply every morning and night, after the Plant Placenta Fluid.

Recommended Regimen
  1. Plant Placenta Fluid

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