Body Balancing Cream (200ml / 6.76oz)

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Product Features: The Body Balancing Cream is formulated by all natural plant essences to tackle menopausal syndrome while invoking sensual stimulation. According to study, imbalance hormone might be a precursor to various discomfort and diseases. Some would resort to hormone treatment as a solution. However, this solution is not perfect, as it might affect the body’s natural ability in hormonal production. Thus, visible sign of aging would often cascade once the treatment is stopped.

Diosgenin is the active component of the Body Balancing cream. It is derived from Chinese Yam. It could transformed into DHEA, a hormone precursor. it helps in regulating the level of hormone in the body without causing negative effect on the endocrine system.

The Benefits of Body Balancing Cream
  1. Regulating the secretion of hormones
  2. Stimulates the production of cellular lipids and hormone
  3. Facilitates the natural production of hormones
  4. Serves as an important intermediate for hormonal synthesis in the body
  5. Improve overall protection toward bacteria
  6. Speeds up metabolism and promoting regeneration while optimizing the body in dealing with daily stress – a positive mind

Key Ingredients:
  1. Chinese Yam :-Chinese Yam is a major energy tonic in Chinese herbalism. It is used for a variety of issues relating to low energy. Some major uses include treatment of fatigue, certain types of insomnia, lack of appetite, chronic coughs and wheezing, loose or unformed stools, sweating without apparent cause, frequent urination, spermatorrhea, and vaginal discharge.
  2. Rose:-Rose flower exerts a positive effect on your body, mind and skin and has been used since ancient times. Apart from being a well-known beauty ingredient, you can use rose petals to spice up your sexual life, combat stress and lose weight naturally.

Others Ingredients: Borage Oil, Collagen, Amino Acid,

How To Use
  1. Apply after bath in circular motion to the inner part of arms, neck, breast, abdomen, lower back and inner thigh.
  2. Use one or twice daily complete in 1 month for maximum result.

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