MEA Reward System

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At Cedar Wellness,we offer people around the world an effective and low cost health and beauty services. Through the MEA REWARD SYSTEM, you are not just concern on physical appearance but also into your entire life, we provide Share and Save Concept which let you earn the cash by simple sharing our products with others.

The Reward –
  1. Purchase product & service with discounted price.
  2. If you share with your friend, you can earn a direct refer cash bonus.
  3. While your friends repeat order in their own account, you can earn a reorder cash bonus.
  4. For the next purchase, all the Agents can enjoy our reorder promotion package.

you require to purchase any 10 units of Cedar Wellness Product @ Total RM4028 in single receipt
you only require to purchase any 5 units of Cedar Wellness Product @ Total RM2014 in single receipt.

Limit for the first 5000 agents.