Energy Cream (50ml / 1.7oz)

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If you have a bad mood, then your skin condition is “bad” too!

Want to have a baby-soft skin? You must first adjust your emotions and improve your physical functions!

3 major effects of Energy Cream, you deserve it!

  • Adjust psychological emotions
  • Regulate physical functions
  • Nourish outer and inner skin condition

Key Ingredients:

1. Idebenone - antioxidant

2. Enteromorpha Compressa - regulate sebum secretion

3. Venuceane - purifying & detoxifying

4. Cerimide - maintain skin lipid barrier

5. Deep Sea Fish Collagen - maintain integrity of tissue structure

6. DNA RNA - promote metabolism & cells regeneration

7. Hyaluronic Acid - lock water between skin cells

How To Use:

After clean and dry skin, apply on skin and gently massage.

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